Neil Chan is a videographer born & raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is now based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It all started when Neil was 5. He watched Star Wars for the first time in a Circuit City and came in right when the final lightsaber duel went down as Qui-Gon got STABBED to DEATH by DARTH MAUL. Apart from being slightly traumatized, he got so stoked from the energy and spectacle of the whole movie. Star Wars began his LOVE for film and television throughout his life.

Growing up, movies were just things Neil loved and appreciated. It wasn’t until high school when a little encouragement from many of his media teachers made him focus on filmmaking. He met other alumni and higher level talent that would get him to shoot his first music videos and recaps. At 16, he was brought along to shoot weddings, broadcast media, and sports events until he graduated.

In 2013 he went to the Academy of Art in San Francisco for college. He continued making music videos and short films for school…but it didn’t last. Neil wanted to learn from real world experience. He went back to Hawaii to pull from the resources he had already acquired in the past. His first job was a full-time videogrpaher & photographer at Farmers Market Hawaii (2014). Later, he landed work doing documentaries and ads for fitness brands like the Paradise Cup (2014-2016), MPP Supplements (2014), Warrior Labz (2015), and was the personal videographer for Matt Kido/Gokuflex in 2017. He also kept his head in with alot of music talent as well. Neil shoting shows, music videos and acoustic performances for local reggae bands (2014-2016), shot photos for The Mayjah Rayjah local music festival (2014), produced many rap/hip-hop videos throught, and finally landed on the EDM scene. He had shot festivals in Hawaii for 2 years with Wonderland and Audiophile Entertainment. Finally, Neil felt like he had something he’d have a voice in.

Electronic music had always been a constant for Neil since middle school. Making things unique and experimentation always attracted him. Neil went to his first event in 2014 and the experience was unforgettable. He admired music artists for the sole reason of being responsible for someones unforgettable night. When Neil finally got his chance in 2017 with Wonderland Hawaii - the biggest and most sought after festival in Hawaii, he only hoped he could do the same thing visually - bringing back people to their happiest moment - which drove everything from then on.

Later in the year, Audiophile Entertainment picked him up. It was a smaller event and growing company but brought out loyal, passionate fans and growing artists. Working with Wonderland and Audiophile only stacked up the number of artists and recaps Neil would cover for the next 2 years up to 2019 when he moved to Vegas. The list of DJs go on and on from Blanke, Malaa, Atlast, Slushii, Nghtmre, Ducky, Arius, Will Sparks, Habstrakt, Marcus Schulz, Sullivan King, Virtual Riot, Barely Alive, Kennedy Jones, Crizzly, Marshmello, Drezo, and Bijou to name a few.

In the future, Neil does want to get back to directing music videos and narrative films with a lifelong dream of recreating the Star Wars prequels:) What seperates Neil from alot of other videographers is his intuition for recreating intimate moments while not being afraid to try something different and fun. He can find that ‘thing’ that everyone can relate to & build his stories from there no matter if it’s about a party, making an ad, or a documenting someone’s life.