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Neil Chan is a videographer born & raised in Honolulu, Hawaii. He is now based in Las Vegas, Nevada.

It all started when Neil was 5. He watched Star Wars for the first time in a Circuit City and came in right when the final lightsaber duel went down as Qui-Gon got STABBED to DEATH by DARTH MAUL. Apart from being slightly traumatized, he got so stoked from the energy and spectacle of the whole movie. Star Wars began his LOVE for film and television throughout his life.

Growing up, movies were just things Neil loved and appreciated. It wasn’t until high school when a little encouragement from many of his media teachers made him focus on filmmaking. He met other alumni and higher level talent that would get him to shoot his first music videos and recaps. At 16, he was brought along to shoot weddings, broadcast media, and sports events until he graduated.


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